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Intellia’s CRISPER/Cas9 and Teneobio’s UniAb technology providing a new dimension to cell therapy

Tenebio Strategy 2021

A clinical stage biotechnology company developing a new class of biologics, Human Heavy-Chain Antibodies (UniAb), Teneobio and a leading genome editing company focused on developing proprietary curative therapeutics using the CRISPR/Cas9 system i.e Intellia therapeutics entering a research collaboration and licensing agreement was announced in early June. Teneobio and Intellia, both have their unique platforms with depth of knowledge in their specific field.

Why this collaboration stands out?

The unique platform provided by each of the two, is said to be the future of biotechnology in treating some life threatening and uncurable diseases. Teneobio’s discovery platform, TeneoSeek, rapidly identifies large numbers of unique binding molecules specific for therapeutic targets of interest and Teneobio’s UniAbs is a multi-specific antibody which helps in treatment of severe cancers and achieving autoimmunity. Whereas, Intellia’s CRISPR/Cas9 technology platform is one of the newer and more powerful tools for gene editing.

Bi- and multi-specific antibodies is being said to be one of the fastest-growing classes of molecules offering new therapeutic perspectives. As, for cancer therapies, one-half of a bispecific recognizes an antigen on an immune cell, typically a T-cell, and the other half recognizes an antigen on the tumor. By binding both antigens simultaneously, a bispecific brings T-cells in close proximity to tumor cells where they can kill them. The mechanism suits best to both the companies and within depth knowledge and unique effective platforms, we can say the process has begun.

Both companies have agreed to research and if possible, license a proper treatment in near future which, we Mellalta Meets think is not far away.

This agreement brought a massive rise in Intellia therapeutics’ and Tenebio stocks.

In the agreement Teneobio will be using its proprietary platforms to discover novel UniAbs against different targets and will leverage Intellias’ CRISPR/Cas9 technology for developing engineered cell therapies for various life-threatening diseases. Intellia therapeutics will also have the option to exclusively license the novel antibodies for global development and commercialization.

Andrew Schiermeier, Chief Operating Officer at Intellia, said,

We believe that the combined power of Teneobio’s antibody discovery platform and Intellia’s proprietary approaches to T-cell engineering through crispr genetic engineering which can accelerate the development of genome editing products for patients.

The unique platforms for both the biotech company can create a huge difference in field of therapies, especially in field of Cellular therapy, specifically for cancer.

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