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Consulting Services

Addressing your market & business specific challenges

Competitive Intelligence

Help your Business Stand out in an increasingly competitive landscape

Business Partner Identification

Champion the Partnership goals at your strategic advantage.

Market Reports

Ready-to-use customized intelligence enabling you to make smarter decisions

We provides Business Excellence in this Disruptive Age

With the urge of providing global excellence, we help businesses reimagine how to innovate and elevate the value they bring to their business & becoming more competitive.

We provide market understanding by performing qualitative research using both Primary research (KOLs insights, Payers and Commercial insights) and secondary research.

Our Market Capabilities include the following:

1) Competitive landscape

We put Competitive Landscaping in practice for our clients for creating a clever marketing strategy

Close Your Competitive Blind Spots by learning

  • Who Are Your Competitors?
  • What Are their Strengths and Weaknesses?
  • How are their business, R&D and promotional strategies?
  • What Threats and Opportunities Are Available to You?
  • What Sets You Apart?

2) Epidemiology Forecast & Disease Market Forecast

We help you understand the disease epidemiology & market valuation of global markets with real-world data, providing:

  • Epidemiology Forecast for your product/Indication year on year
  • Market Forecast to understand Dollar Value of your product/Indication with most robust YOY forecasting covering all sensitivities
  • Extensive Primary research on KOLs, Epidemiologists, Doctors for Rare diseases

We use both Epi-Based Forecast & Sales-Based Forecast to drive market forecast.

Epi-Based Forecast or Sales-Based Forecast, learn when do you need one?

3) Market Access & Market Expansion

We help you to expand in the markets of your interest by mapping out the challenging payer’s environment while ensuring maximum profits.

We provide country level strategies which include:

  • Local Competitors Analysis & their Business Strategies
  • Product/technology adaptation strategy
  • Price Strategy
  • Risk Mitigation Strategy

4) Business Analytics

We help our clients in maintain their current portfolios by providing business analytics, such as asset prioritisation, Indication prioritisation, drug valuation & drug forecast.

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